I have extensive knowledge, experience and qualifications in all the below services.


My intention is to help others take direction and become more empowered in their lives.

Clairvoyant Readings

  • Do you need some direction in life?

  • Do you believe everything happens for a reason and want to know more?

  • Are things not going the way they should

  • Are you feeling a little stuck?

  • Do you need some clarity about certain things?

If so, it’s time to feel empowered to take control of your life. My past, present and future spiritual readings can help you in love, luck, career and past life experiences.

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Mediumship Readings

Have you lost a loved one and want to reach out to them?

I am a gifted and skilled Psychic Medium. Being a Medium. I am able to bring in messages to you by connecting with loved ones from the spirit world.

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Angel Readings 

My Angel readings work by receiving messages from the angelic realm and spirit guides. It is a beautiful reading that involves communicating with angels to bring you guidance and support in all aspects of your life.


Our angels are always offering love and guidance and are always with us, throughout this reading you will feel their peaceful presence and know you are never alone

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Life Planning

Assist with any personal issues that may be hindering your progress and succession in life.


This includes relationship issues, finance, career, travel, health, stress, anxiety, spritual growth, meditation, NLP and LOA.


I will arrange with you how to overcome these issues and create a plan to move forward into a better quality life.

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Psychic Neha; Brisbane Psychic

Healing Sessions

Connect with your body, mind and soul with my beautiful healing sessions. I work with all different kinds of spiritual healing and energy to help release any past trauma that may be stored in your body.

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Workshop & Private Tuitions

Are you on a spiritual journey, experiencing a spiritual awakening or recognising your unique gift to the world...


It’s a beautiful thing when we begin this journey and I would love to help you evolve. I host Workshops or Private Tuitions for spiritual and psychic development. Contact me for more information.

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Prayer Services

Prayer services are for half hour or 1 hour. I  will need the subject matter for the prayer and the name of the person that need the prayer to be done.


Prayers will only be offered in matters that does not have anything to do with anyone's free will.

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